Never regret giving out your cell phone number again.

CallingVault is a second phone number that links up to your existing smartphone. Its powerful features prevent unwanted calls and texts from ever appearing on your phone again.

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Your cell phone number is not for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a date online, socializing, or purchasing a car, there are certain times your cell phone number shouldn't be shared. When you're buying or selling something on Craigslist, shopping at a department store, or just picking up some groceries, giving out your CallingVault number can help keep your personal number private.

CallingVault is the solution.

Add CallingVault to your existing cell phone and use the powerful tools designed to give you control over all the different ways people contact you. Dial out privately, select which calls you want forwarded and block those you no longer want to contact you. Enjoy doing this without ever giving out your personal number.

Private Phone Line

Instant Blocking

Selective Call Forwarding

Dial Out Privately

What goes in the Vault stays in the Vault.

All text messages and voicemails stay safe and secure in the Vault until you decide to retrieve them. You are the only one that can access the conversations inside your CallingVault account. Sign up using a gift card and stay anonymous to protect your identity. We never release or distribute your personal information.

Want a local number?
No problem.

CallingVault has a database of hundreds of thousands of local numbers across the the 48 contiguous states. Just pick your state, choose your area code, and get a new local number you can share fearlessly.
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Accessible from
anywhere, any way.

CallingVault’s virtual phone line is easily accessed through any personal computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone with an internet connection making it easy and convenient for you to communicate.
“I freelance in the fashion industry, and CallingVault keeps me in touch with clients on my schedule. Not theirs.”
Nicole Loher
“Being a busy Hip Hop artist and film maker, CallingVault keeps my network open and lets me control who contacts me.”
Louis King